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What are the benefits of using a broker?

Sure, you have a vast choice of lenders. But do you have the time and expertise to wade through these to find the best available loan for yourself? If not, this is where a mortgage broker like us pays dividends. We do not charge you a cent. But we will work tirelessly on your behalf liaising with lenders to bring you the best possible home loan solution.

Do you work for me or the lender?

We work for you. Platinum Package Home Loans does receive a commission from your chosen lender upon settlement. We will tell you this and our commission figure right up-front. But our commission structure does not add up to an alliance with any particular lender. Our team are all permanent staff members of Platinum Package Home Loans. We receive no incentives or kick-backs from any of our lender networks. In other words, we are completely independent and there is no motivation for us to recommend one bank over another. So our recommendations are based solely on which lender and solution best ticks the boxes for your specific needs.

How much can I borrow?

Each lender will have their own requirements that may impact how much you can borrow. We help you get the very most out of your borrowing capacity by matching you with the right lender.

Should I choose a fixed or variable rate?

The answer to this lies in your immediate to mid-term goals. Fixed rates give you cost certainty. Meanwhile, variable rates allow you the chance to capitalise on interest rate drops. Platinum Package Home Loans will help you determine exactly what rate structure is best for you.

Do you prepare my loan documents?

Absolutely. We prepare your loan application drawing on our specialist knowledge of the specific lender. Not only that but we will take care of all loan paperwork right through to settlement. Sound easy? It is.

Is my credit score relevant?

Yes. Your credit score is one of the many factors that lenders consider when deciding what they will lend you. If you are concerned that your credit rating may be problematic, there are steps you can take. We are happy to help you find out what your credit score is and address any impacts this may have on your borrowing.

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